Frequently Asked Questions

Tryouts take place each May (sometimes first week of June).  Tryouts are for all players.  No player is guaranteed a roster spot on any team prior to tryouts. 

Tryouts are successful when every player is selected to a team that has a training and competitive plan that fits the player's interests and needs, with a budget and time commitment that matches the parent's willingness to support the player.

Many of the questions below have been asked often, so we share answers for your convenience.  Additional questions can be sent to our Club Director at   If you are currently a member of another club you may not get a specific response (& only a generic one) until after a contact date established by FYSA (May 23rd this year for all players), when contact is permitted, but we'll try to anticipate your basic questions and provide answers here.  

Q. When are tryouts held?

Formal Tryouts for NPFC teams are held after the FYSA Final Four state cup tournament and usually the day after Memorial Day.  This year they will be Saturday June 1, 2013, due to the preceding Memorial Day weekend. Players can be permitted to attend team practices prior to tryouts if they are not registered to another club, or if registered to another club they would need to either be officially "released" from their club prior to contacting us, or we must receive written permission from their clubs Director to attend a practice.  If you have further questions regarding practicing with a team please contact

Q. Do I need to register for tryouts?

Yes, you must register with NPFC online prior to tryouts.  If you are a current member and do not have access to a computer please contact our Registrar at and they can register you over the telephone.

Q. How does a player make the team?

All players must compete for roster positions. Having played for NPFC in previous years does not guarantee one a spot on the team.

Q. What is the annual registration fee if my son / daughter is selected to a team at tryouts?

The annual registration fee is as follows, and there is a multiple payment plan option that is more fully explained during the online registration process.

2013 – 2014 Registration Fees (More fully explained in the online registartion agreement)

U9 thru U11 = $375 (3 payment option – No Addl. Charge)
U12 thru U19 – $375 (3 payment option – No Addl. Charge)

Q. What do the coaches do ?

Coaches are responsible for the coordination of tryouts for the team entrusted to him/her, with assistance from our technical trainers.

Q. What do the coaches look for in players?

While tryouts vary from team to team, all coaches look for players who have the potential of becoming high-level, competitive players. Throughout the tryout, coaches assess several player qualities, including but not limited to:

1.       Technical skill.

2.       Tactical awareness.

3.       Physical abilities.

4.       Psychological dimension.

Q. Does the coach have any help during tryouts?

Coaches are required to use multiple evaluators at the tryouts. Generally, other coaches in the program assist the team's coach during tryouts.

Q. What happens after the last tryout?

At the conclusion of the tryouts, each coach nominates players for their roster. All coaches and trainers involved in the tryout process will meet to discuss the roster choices and then the teams are then given a final approval by the Director of Coaching and the Club Director of Coaching.

Q. How long before we know what the outcome is?

Usually 7 – 14 days after the last tryout, all teams will be posted to our website, in some cases sooner.

Q. What if a player does not get selected?

All players not selected will be omitted from the team lists once they are posted to our website after tryouts. Effort will also be made to contact each player by phone. This in no way suggests that they are not quality players, or that they should give up their hopes of playing travel soccer. It simply means that the coach feels there were other players better suited for this team's level of play.  All checks paid at tryouts together with all paperwork will be immediately mailed back to you if the player is not selected. If a player is not selected for the primary roster there is a Development Player program where the player can train with the competitive team but will play in our recreationl program. Please contact for more information on the Development player program.

Q. What if a player is selected?

If a player has been selected, their name will be posted online to the appropriate team after tryouts.  Effort will also be made to contact the player by telephone.

Q:  Are tryouts open to all boys & girls?

A:  Yes, tryouts for each team are open to all boys & girls of the correct age.

Q:  What travel obligations will we have?

A:  Each team's annual plan will be outlined prior to tryouts usually before the Saturday scrimmage session.  The coach's along with the training staff have determined the league and tournament needs for each age group.  There are some required events for Competitive Teams, but, outside of this, each coach, working with the team's trainer,  team manager, parents, and players, will organize an annual plan for the team.  Typically, we begin to travel within the county for the U9 and U10 Academy teams and within the state at U11. These tournaments are a way to expand the competition level, exposure to college scouts, and to experience soccer in another region.  See the coach at tryouts to evaluate the basic plan for the team.

Q: My son/daughter is currently not registered to NPFC and wants to tryout. Does he/she have to attend all tryout dates?  There are other teams she may want to tryout for also.

A:  The public tryout dates are important because they give your player the best opportunity to be seen playing with the current team that will continue in the year ahead. All players are expected to be at all tryout sessions.  If you cannot be at all sessions an exception may be granted only by contacting our Director of Coaching in advance for formal permission at

Each year there may be a few players who are added to a roster that miss tryouts due to relocation, injury, etc.  These players may be invited to train with and eventually be selected to the team based on the circumstances of which they missed tryouts.

Q:  If my son/daughter is currently registered to another club can I contact NPFC or a specific coach before tryouts?

A: You could write to the coaches you are interested in and ask them to come watch your player in any remaining league play or tournament play. You would want to provide them with your player's name, date of birth, team, shirt number, grade in school, and name of current team and coach. By making known your interest, you may get one or two of the potential coaches to come see your player, enabling them to give you a better idea on contact day whether or not they can offer a role for your player with their team.

Q:  What about on or after the date when contact is allowed?

A:  Once the State Cup Final Four is completed you can certainly call the coaches or our Director of Coaching and talk with them specifically about your son or daughter.

Q:  How soon will my son/daughter start with their new team?

A:  All team rosters will be posted to the internet within two weeks after the completion of tryouts, usually sooner.   Older early season teams usually begin training in early June.  All other teams usually begin group skills training in the latter part of Julyt or early August.  Some State Cup teams may form and travel to tournaments immediately after tryouts. Please check with our Director Of Coaching for specific team plans.

Q: How many teams are selected in each age group?

A.  Depending on the amount of players trying out, we usually we select one team in each age group.   In some age groups there may be minimal differences between the two levels. In certain instances both teams may even play in the same leagues or tournaments also.

Q. Is tryouts the only forum where NPFC staff determines which players are selected to NPFC Teams?

A.  No, the evaluation process additionally takes place over the course of the season.  Players are in essence trying out for NPFC teams every time they take the field.  Tryouts are merely an additional opportunity to show our staff how much a player has progressed throughout the year, as well as give them an opportunity to evaluate certain players together with other players.

Q:  Which team does my son/daughter tryout for?

A:  First, decide which age group corresponds to your player's date of birth and school grade.  A player born on Oct 7, 1994 would play in the U18 age group, according to the following chart.  This player would normally attend 12th grade during the 2012-2013 school year.

2013-2014 Age Chart

U9 Academy


U10 Academy



















  • Q:  How can I send my name in to be contacted when coaches can call players?

A:  Players and parents can send information at any time, it is just not permitted for coaches or club officials to make a formal contact with the player or parents until after the Final Four State Cup Tournament is completed, (May 19, 2013), accept to answer generic questions. Information can be sent to the Director Of Coaching

When contact is permitted, coaches will want to know the basics, including:

your date of birth

your grade in school

your phone number

your parent's names and mailing address

your e-mail address if you have one

the positions you play

your current team

Q:  How are the teams grouped and named:

The numeric designation with each team indicates year of birth not school graduation.

Our Older teams are the most competitive and have a significant travel obligation in age groups U13 to U18.  The U11 and U12 teams travel within FL to regional cup, presidents cup, and tournaments.

U9 and U10 Academy teams have a somewhat less travel requirement throughout the state of FL, but have a similar training requirement.

Recreational teams and Developmental Players play in the NPYS Recreational program that is administered through the North Port Youth Soccer.  See more at

Q:  Can a player play up in an age group?

A. It is the intent of the NPFC Technical Staff to define the process of the "playing up" guideline to avoid any misinterpretation of its intent:

Determining Factors for Playing Up in Age:
The individual player must be identified as one of the exceptional players in the birth year by the technical staff and the age group coach. It will be deemed at this time that the indicated player will have secured a place with the team in his/her birth year. Next, the identified player will be invited to the older age group tryout, where he/she MUST demonstrate that they are also in the top of the group on that team. It also must be determined that the player's proper age/grade group team does not meet the competitive requirements to challenge the player if they stayed in their appropriate group.  If the proper age/grade team is at a level that does challenge the player they will not be allowed to play up.  Based on this assessment by the technical staff,  input from the older age group coach, and final determination by the Club Director, a determination will be made on the individual playing up a birth year. However, it is only in extremely rare conditions that a player will be allowed to play up (unless they are school grade appropriate for the older team) and therefore such permission should in no way be assumed.  To assist in college exposure & recruitment it is important that everyone plays in their appropriate school grade so college coaches can properly identify you when scouting occurs at showcase tournaments.  Playing with a team other than the player's proper school grade can definitely hinder that identification & recruitment process.

Team and Club Considerations:
We want to be sure that in this process, we create a fair opportunity for everyone involved. A major concern is that we place a player in an environment in which they are challenged, have an impact on players with whom they are playing and are having the success necessary to enhance their development.  A club and team consideration is the displacement of players whose roster spot will be filled by a younger player. Here lies the reason that the technical staff must be certain a younger player will have the impact necessary to justify displacement of an individual who is birth year eligible for a team.

Q.  What is the player is grade appropriate for an older team, i.e., their age puts them in the younger group but their grade puts them in the older group?

A. Generally it is preferred that they play on a grade appropriate team.  If not, there will be training / practice conflicts when they reach high school years.  You should contact our Director of Coaching to further discuss this scenario.  It can also hinder college recruitment efforts if a player does not play on their proper school grade team. (as discussed above "Determining Factors For Playing Up In Age)

Q:  Where are the tryouts?

All NPFC tryouts usually take place at Narramore Soccer Complex which are located behind Glen Allen Emementary School in North Port Florida. If the location changes it will be posted well in advance. Please check our website for weather details.  If tryouts are canceled or delayed our website will be updated in real time via facebook. 

Q:  Are You Moving to Florida?

Players moving in from out of state or players who have not yet registered with another club can contact NPFC by e-mail or contact a coach directly from the contact information provided on the Coaching Staff page.


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